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Knowledge Base is an area where you can find articles, tips & tricks, as well as useful code snippets related to the Oracle database, Informatica, and other technologies.

Heroku: Use Selenium to run Google Chrome in a Python Script
How to run Google Chrome on Heroku using Selenium and Python.

Heroku: Run a Python App Locally
How to run a Heroku Python app locally using the app's config vars.

Using ON Versus WHERE Clauses to Combine and Filter Data in PostgreSQL Joins
In an SQL query, data can be filtered in the WHERE clause or the ON clause of a join. This guide will examine the difference between the two in PostgreSQL.

SQL Developer: Autocomplete
Better autocomplete settings in SQL Developer.

SQL: LEFT JOIN and multiple matches on a key
Use ROW_NUMBER to deal with multiple matches on a key in a LEFT JOIN.

Bash: Error handling in scripts
Find errors and handle them in Bash.

Control-M: Exclusive resource
Prevent jobs from running in parallel.